It starts at home.

The entirety of the education system is now bunk and in the toilet. If children were actually learning and interested in their education, they wouldn't spend all of their time torturing each other. 

Bullying is a mentality that our society often encourages. I know this because I often see the same attitudes and actions in adults. Bullying is defined in various ways, which makes it hard to point-point by the victim. The most striking definition is that which bullying occurs because the individual who bullies comes from a place of unmatched power and influence. 

This is why some bullies are teachers. This must be why some bullies are parents. This must be why some bullies get straight A's. This must be why some bullying is ignored. This is why no one has respect for the victim and everyone looks the other way.  

We exalt power and influence in this country. We want our kids to be powerful and influential, but at what cost? Why can't someone be exalted for being different, for not looming, for not gossiping, for not being cruel? 

American claims to be a Christian nations, but it is full of out-of-control blood-thirsty, angry youth who are discouraged from common sense and doing the right thing. Fix the problem at the source. The bullies were once bullied too, and they cope now by bullying. It starts at home.


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