It's a long road.

I never talked about this, only to a few people, but the time has come to share some insight. You don't wont people to know this stuff about you, but as I saw what it means to have influence on someone I decided to write this. Not to be ashamed any more, not to be shy, silenced or a coward.

I was bullied in my elementary school and in high school. I have been bullied verbally, really strong, called with not so nice names, being threaten. I told it to one of my professors and she had her cousin in my class and she told to that person to hang out with me, because I have some problems. The worst part of all this is that I found out latter from persons friends that she was hanging out with me for pity. Ouch, that felt lame.

We need to speak about bulling, we need to speak more and louder so it is considered as something bad. Because now it is seen as fun, stupid, cool but it is hurting somebody. People are committing suicides because of it. I would be laying if I told you I didn't tough about it too, when it was rough.

I cried a lot, before I had to go to school, so many times. And I thought its normal, stupid me, all kids have hard, they don't and bullying is not normal.

When I see injustice or other kid being bullied I get this feeling in my stomach like i am going to vomit. I feel the urge that I need to do something.

Maybe you think this facts are too personal, at least for those who know me. Maybe you think you know me but you didn't know this and now you are reading this lines and you have confused face because you never realize it and you were siting just next to me, sharing table. That brings us to a quesstion, how well do we know each other? Next time maybe pay more attention to detail, care about them, be interested for a world around you and maybe then the world starts noticing you.

Maybe you are struggling with low self esstem, so trust I know how it is, I've been that path. You are beautiful person, you can be a whisprer or you can be loud...but speak, don't let voices of doubting in yourself hold you back.

When we believe in something so strong we are oblige to share it, to spread it and not to be scared to speak about it. Because if not us, who will?

Be brave, break the ice. Dare.

It changed me a lot, more then I realize. Made me stronger.

I am now a fearless  and just the person I wanted to be. 

Milena, 24


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