It Only Takes One

My story is the standard for bullying: being a minority, being different, dressing differently, being smart...those are all reasons people have been bullied for and it's sad that I'm a part of such a huge number of victims of bullying. I was constantly sad and lonely. I honestly believed no one at school cared about me.

But I have to tell you guys about the One who saved my life. Sure, most people talk about the bullies and the jerks, emphasizing the negative, but sometimes, there is just that one person who cares enough to speak out. When I was in Grade 10 (a sophomore), a girl spoke up because she had seen something I wrote about not wanting to be around. She reported it thinking the worse, that I was potentially suicidal. The truth is, I was wanting to run away from home. But from her having done what she did, I was sent to a counselor that helped me address some of the deeper issues I had and how bullying impacted me.

So remember, it only takes one to help. If you can help someone, do it. They'll thank you for it and remember your kindness, even 10 years later.


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