It Gets Better

I was bullied by a few people that i was supposed to see as family, nothing was done about the way they treated me or acted towards me. It happened for years and now i'm a 20 year old sophomore in college and I'm finally starting to get over what happened to me. 

I was afraid to stand up to them, tell anyone, or even be around them it was  getting so bad. Even when i told someone they brushed it off as just some jokes and nothing too serious, but i took it seriously. I was a little kid that didn't understand why it was my fault that all of this was happening to me, why i was the one that had to deal with this and had to get made fun of. Finally after years of what felt like a battle going on inside of me i snapped, i stood up for myself. 

There were jokes, nicknames, locking me out of houses, laughing at me, ignoring everything i did, trying to embarrass me, but i finally stood up for myself. I wish i could forget everything that happened, but it's made me a better person.

It will get better, stand up for yourself, tell a friend or parents or siblings, have SOMEONE listen to you. No matter what it will always get better, there's always someone out there willing to listen or hang out with you. Getting yourself away from the problem is the first step, there's always a way out. 

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