It Gets Better...

I was picked on from grade school all through high school. But, it got progressively worse in high school. (I was the tall and somewhat nerdy girl growing up.) I wore glasses and always towered above my peers.

I could get along with anyone and had no problem hanging out with the special education kids - even though I wasn't one myself. I caught flak for that, but I didn't care because people are people to me. In addition to being tall and towering over the boys- yes even through high school, add in my nerdy side and general love of learning and reading and well let's just say I wasn't in danger of winning a popularity contest! Haha Oh, yeah I was also a major tomboy. My parents knew I was picked on and encouraged me to fight those who picked on me, but I chose the higher road and instead looked forward to the day when I got out of school and went off to college.

In high school, I had my stuff stolen, was tripped in the halls, shoved into lockers and called names like: Special Ed, Sasquatch, Big Foot and Lezzie. To this day I hate nicknames. I had my car vandalized on 2 occasions and was followed around school by a group of 3 girls who harassed me at every turn. I only lost my cool once with them one day when I was cornered by them and it they wouldn't leave me alone. I punched the lead girl and knocked her to the ground - leaving her out of breath. (It earned me an after school detention and they left me alone for awhile, but started up again.) I was already 5'11" as a 14 year old freshman and I could've totally beat them up if I wanted to, but that's not me. I didn't have a lot of friends and I hated high school. I kept to myself a lot and concentrated on graduating. My sophomore year was dark, but I worked through it and made it to graduation. 

I was told so many times by my peers growing up that I wouldn't amount to much because I was dumb and weird. Well, they were wrong. I am now 30. I hold 2 college degrees and am now working on my professional degree. I am much happier now and working in a career field that I love. I have good friends that like me for who I am. I am glad I remained true to myself and didn't let them destroy me. (That would be like letting the bullies win.) They don't know me and they don't own me. I am the captain of my own ship and I'm heading to some really great places... All 6'3" of me. :) So to those of you out there struggling to make it through... Just hang in there. You're worth it and you're going to do great things with your life. It might not seem like it now, but it does get better. :)

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