It gets better.

Hey everyone, 

I was bullied for the majority of my high school career. Even worse, I went to a Christian school where I thought I would be safe and I thought everyone was supposed to show their faith through their actions. However, I found that to be completely untrue. While my head was never shoved into lockers and I was never physically abused at school, the verbal and mental torment I received in high school led me to attempt suicide when I was 17. I literally could not take it anymore. However, I made it through that extremely dark place in my life. I am now 22 years old, working on my social work degree and hoping to become a school counselor who will ACTUALLY make a difference in schools and do my part to end the horrible cycle of bullying forever.

I just want anyone to know that it gets better. Kids are cruel. I was picked on daily for things I really couldn't control. My teeth, my hair, my clothes, my weight. It was awful. When you're a 17-year-old girl, life sucks already and is difficult enough to figure out without someone bullying you. I was in the hospital for over a week trying to get my mental state in order. I discovered the bully project only recently, but it has impacted me enough to put my story out there and have my voice be heard. I know it is hard to think about, but it does get better, I promise. 

While there was damage done from my being bullied (I still struggle with my self-esteem on a daily basis...) I no longer take that crap from anyone. I stand up for myself. I let my voice be heard. I am a force to be reckoned with, and I will let my voice be heard for everyone else's who fall silent. 

I have turned my life around from being in that dark place of being bullied and feeling like I would never fit in to a place where I know my story can and will make a difference. I will not stop until bullying is gone. I will be a voice for the silent, an advocate for those who are too afraid to stand up for themselves.

I will not fall silent. I will use my story to empower others. The bullies will not win. We will. If you need someone to talk to, I will listen. I will be there for you. You're not alone. We all need to stand up for what is right and STOP bullying forever. 

much love and support to all of you who are being bullied, or have been bullied. Don't let your voice be silenced. 

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