It Could Have Been Columbine

As I watched the documentary last night couldn't help but keep thinking of one of my best friends.  I met him in the 7th grade and my other best friend and I quickly came to find him as the perfect addition to our inner circle.  He is wickedly smart, and funny, however he's not very athletically inclined.  Also he had a bit of a target on his back because he was over weight and only wore black clothing.  This included a black trench coat and fedora hat.  

Luckily, his new friends didn't put up with any bullying that came his way and we had the size and athletic ability to do something about it.  When his never been seen before Rebok Pumps were stolen from him in gym class, I forcefully retrieved them.  When people made fun of his clothing, his witty comebacks angered the bullies.  Again, we were able to take the fight for him.

He wore all black because he liked it, that's all, and it became a badge of honor.  However, I wonder "what if we had not been there?"  His father owned guns, and along with the many scientific explorations he made, he knew how to create smoke bombs, as well as other explosives.  He never tried to get at his father's guns because he was too busy playing happy games with us.  He never created bombs to hurt anyone, because they were just one of many science experiments.  He never got pushed to the limit because he was lucky to have us, and we were lucky to have him.

But what if, is all I keep thinking.

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