In the past (childhood) [present age 21]

When I was in elementary school I was bullied because of my weight, the shape of my body, plus I was kinda the tall guy in the school, everyone made fun of me.

I remember that we used to sing the shapes and sizes, and one certain shape was about me, how did I know? Well, the shape was the oval, and if I remember correctly, it was "the oval looks like a circle, its wide, and its fat" and after that, everyone looked at me, pointed and said "and thats Jonathan".

Yeah it hurt, but I told the teacher how it made me feel and she told the class and they weren't to say that extra line anymore and they didn't (except one kid who was absent when the teacher talked to the other students).

Another school year passed, and I thought it was over with bullying. Apparently I was wrong, just because of my height, this bully I had was one of those jacka** types who thinks he is a tough guy, who thinks he's all that, and etc. This guy, always picked on me he called me names... almost every name for a fat guy you can think of. No teacher helped me because of the way I had been behaving... Ever since that bully started bullying me I turned out to be one crazy kid. And I mean crazy...Biting people, hiding under the cafeteria tables, misbehaving. Anything, but nothing stoped the bullying because the guy was always around. 
I remember a week before christmas, we made our own stockings with our name. And of course I did mine and mine only. But, the SAME bully came up to me saying "You stole my stocking, where is it?" and I told the truth saying "I never took anything and if I saw your name on it I would've given it back." But he didn't believed me and neither did the teacher.(who also thought I stole it -_- )
And because of that I got punished -sighs-

Now in 3rd grade, I moved away and went to another school. I thought again the bullying days were over, but I was wrong.
Because I was the tallest and biggest guy in the whole school everyone was afraid of me. But seeing how much of a nice guy I am, that I have never harmed anyone at all. But eventually the fat jokes came. Yes they hurt my feelings and everything but they didn't care. All I could do was ignore, I wanted to fight them but I knew I couldn't.

I remember one morning there was a kid making fun of me on the bus. There were no other seats empty and it was just him. So I sat down next to him and he kept saying "I'm not going to sit with this fat a**." As soon as he said that, I had enough, I stood up, I literally punched him in the face picked him up and did a DDT move to his head to the floor (DDT..if you watched wrestling then you would know what it looks like) The bus driver stopped us fighting and we got in trouble. 
The principle asked me why did I do it, I told her the reason why and yet I still got punished. Nothing much though just lunch detention with the principle.
The word got out of what I did, and everyone was afraid of me. Literally.

No matter what I did, nobody would be friends with me. I had a few but that's about it.

5th grade. (In 4th grade wasnt bad but anyway)

I got a big bigger, and well I made some "friends" in the 4th, but they started calling me "hamburgesa" meaning hamburger. Because of my size they start calling me that. I told the teacher about it but nothing happened. (And I thought that teacher were supposed to help but nothing -_- even nowadays...which by the way...teachers..listen to the kids, THEY NEED HELP DAMMIT!! sorry, just seeing kids killing themselves and even the damn principils not even helping at all, they should punish the kids who made those kids kill themselves..anyway)

The only respect I've had was a few friends I've made. I didn't have much, especially after school I barely go outside.
I'm going to skip to the 7th to 8th grade. And I hope this could be a tip for every kid, teenager and everyone who has been bullied and been called names.

7th grade was different than elementary school.

No one bothered me, except some people that used to be my bullies when we were kids.
All they could ever do is embarrass me in front of so many people, even back then one kept saying "tartamudo" (think that's how its spelled) meaning stuttering. I've had a bad case of that stutter, because when I talk to fast I stutter. And people assumed that stuttering meant that I was lying, but I wasn't.

Not many people know my situations until I talk about it, or if they asked me, or if they wondered why I stutter. I still get called hamburgesa every now and then. But one kid, that one kid kept making fun of me every day in one class.

And then in 8th grade it kept going and going and going. I finally stood up to that bully of mine and went to his face "I've had it with you calling me every name that you have said in elementary, why don't you grow up and stop acting like a child." I was in full of anger, I wanted to punch him so bad, but the teacher realized it and stopped me and pulled me back. That bully of mine was punished and if he did that again to me, he would get more punishment.

Now, the next school comes in, 9th grade.
I made better friends, and well as I see it, the few bullies I had kept going and going. But this time I didn't care anymore. Because it's the same thing over and over again. Four eyes, fat boy, fat lard, hamburgesa, etc. So I had it again but this time no yelling, I stood up to them. I told them that it was getting old, we were not kids anymore, every name that you can say or think of, doesn't bother me anymore. You're just making yourselves look bad, to almost everyone, you're making yourselves look like jerks, and jacka**es. It's time to grow up. And move on, no matter how much you try, nothing will get to me anymore!

And ever since then, my bullies became my best friends.

If you are reading this, take this tip. If you are being bullied, nothing is wrong with telling an adult, teacher (well if they try to help) or the principle. If any of them don't help at all. Go to the district.

Also for those who were called by names, like four eyes, nerd, or profanity words. Don't let it get to you, they are nothing but words. If they call you a nerd, well that means that you're smarter than them. Because for one thing, if you're a nerd, or even a really smart nerd. That means that you get to keep going, graduate, while the bullies just keep acting like a child, and fail each year.

Well that's just how I see it for them. If they pass (either got some luck or cheated) but anyway.

Don't let the bullies get to you. Never think of ending your life, because you have a young life and a lot to live for.

I've seen people cut their arms or legs, or people drinking, etc. That won't make it go away.

Go to your parents, talk to them about it, or the police, or the district. End the bullying.

Because every bully I see, is nothing but acting like a kid, I just hope that most bullies grow up and open their eyes and see how they acted and how much of a fool they were.

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