Improvement Over Time

From 5-7th grade I was bullied and tormented by a group of girls that were in my grade. In 5th grade, I became friends with the new girl that had just transfered from a different school, despite the fact others constantly judged her. I felt good about myself until another girl in my grade couldn't stand to see me be happy. She literally pushed me out of the friendship and for the next two years, I found myself alone. Everyday at lunch, I would barely eat because I didn't see the point. I would always bring a book to lunch with me because no one wanted to talk to me. At recess, I would sit by myself reading while the group of girls that left me, walked past me laughing. I believe that the part that hurt me the most was when I would start crying at recess, able to be seen by 50+, and not one person, not even a teacher, came over to me. I would go home from school everyday feeling sick. I would write down all my feelings and just sit in my bed and cry. This went on for two years.

Now, I am ending my freshman year of high school and I have the best friend I could ask for. We're so much alike and we share the best memories together. Of course I faced some bumps and obstacles before I got from 7th grade to now, but in the end it was worth it because I ended up with a true friend.

Please don't give up. If you feel alone, things will get better. I felt like I had reached the bottom, and are things perfect now? No, but they're 100 times better than they were. If you ever need someone, please don't be afraid to talk to me.

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