Hi. My name is Wyatt and I live in Scottsdale Arizona. Born and raised. my story begins when I was in fourth grade. I had just moved to a different area in Scottsdale and it was the "richer" part of the valley. I don't come for a rich family. I just don't so don't know why.

When the first day of school came around I saws naturally scared. A new kid cd school who's a little over weight, no friends in a gigantic school (for a elementary School that is) And has no friends. I spent my first couple of months alone. I was a naturally quiet kid because I'm practically OCD about what I look like, say, do, ect. N it I did make one friend while I Was there. His name Was Ethan.

We met when I stood up for him, something I rarely do, because three kids kept unzipping His backpack, stealing his books, and tripping him with Them. "Hey leave him alone! He's done nothing to you and you sorry asses don't have a reason!" is exactly what I said. I learned my language from you tube c:

fast forward now to middle school where I currently Am. I'm in eight grade and  I've attended mountainside ever since seventh grade. In sixth I went to a private school in sixth grade with my brother and we had to drop out because of a boy named Jacob brewer. He was terrible. He bullied me my brother every day. and one day it got physical. We were at a teachers house( being that I was in a private school so we would take random field trips every day) Jacob was picking on me and regan and stood up for myself to him "Jacob if you don't stop I'm gonna break your fucking nose so hard all you'll hear in the next hour is the snap of your nose ringing through your ears." I don't know if I told you but Ice gotten very brave since elementary school. He stopped bullying me but he didn't stop with my brother. They went upstairs eventually and they fought. no one did anything except Jacobs brother who kept me from stopping a fight and Henry who stopped The fight.  We were pulled out of school as if it was our fault. 

Anyway I'm getting side tracked. I'm in eight grade now and I go to mountainside middle school in Scottsdale. your constantly picked on for the people you hang out with, the way you dress, how rich you are, your physical appearance, everything. I get called names. Emo, fat, gay, weirdo, druggie, suicidal, and more. People punch me in the gut so maybe il "get skinnier". I'm not gay or suicidal. Invest never done any drugs. 

Let me give you an example. Last month one of the popular kids came up to me rite in front of our school resource officer and called me emo, pushed me to the ground and walked away. The officer just walked away. Later that night I saw a face book post by the SAME KID. it said I was worthless and I should die. I didn't ok anything to him. hi don't even know his name. I leave you with this wine last question. 

Why me?

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