Im Sorry

Im not going to lie to you, i was a pretty popular kid in school all my life. And I'm ashamed to admit that when i was younger i thought that bullying a kid was the "cool" thing to do. This happened when i was in 2nd grade. I met a group of "friends" that i thought were pretty "cool". We all would hangout together and just have fun. Then this one day we were all outside for recess and they wanted to go inside because they had a great idea. We were DUMB, I was DUMB and as we snuck back inside we went to (ill name him Mike for this story) Mike's desk and flipped it over and took everything out and spread it around the floor. I was scared and I KNEW it was the wrong thing to do. So I ran outside and left the others. Then the bell rang and it was time for us all to go back inside. As I walked into the room i noticed more things were done. Mike's backpack was ripped all his pencils were broken and he had this expression on his face that really got to me. It was the look like he knew who it was and when he looked at me all i could do was look down. 4 YEARS WENT BY AND I SAID NOTHING!!! I will never forget that look in his eyes. I was still friend with these "cool" friends of mine, but it was different. I knew I couldnt take it anymore. So 6th grade, as I walked into the lunch room. Mike was sitting on the far side where he had always sat and eating lunch alone. I know this because i would always see him there everyday. I went and sat down with my "friends" and on this day they started talking about when we did those things to Mike. I really couldnt just sit there and listen anymore. 
So I got up and walked over to Mike and sat down with him. 

Ill never forget his face when i asked him if I could sit with him. 
I looked  at him and then put my head down and told him everything. I told him that I was so sorry for the things that I did to him and I took the blame for everything. 
He looked at me and told me that he knew it wasnt just me. He forgave me, like really that surprised me! 

I know a lot of you go threw worse things like that. I have a brother with special needs and I remember high school so well. I HATED when someone was rude to him, they would pick on him and push him around all the time. But i would always stand up for him. High school and grade school is hell i know it is. 

PLEASE never forget that no matter where you are there are people out here that care for you and that love you. People who will always listen to you. I know most of us have pretty hard lives these days, but know that know matter what youll always be God's special child and let know one put you down. 

Always Keep You Head Up 
and just 
Live Your Life how you want it to go :) 

God Bless You All <3

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