I Wonder at what age people stop bullying!?

When i was around 13 years old, my mother brought us to my sister  and me, to became a members of boys scouts activisties which we were envloved for many years.There was a boy whom was at my school and also in the boyscouts activities, one day he  told me he was very interested in me, so i  let him know that my best friend was very interested in him, and that i didint have  any feelings for him, so he spent few weeks as stalker on me, going to my home, going whenever i was, trying to talk but with the same answer on my side.Looks like was hard for him move on or barely understand... so in the next weeks he started made up a story about me, where i was supossed involved with several guys where they were kissing me and touching me. So he made a "new nickname for me" bassed on his new story.The name was kind of "pawed bread".So he started to spread the story in the school, but for any reason the others pupils didnt bought the thing, i guess we were really aware about who person he was, a trouble maker.So he started to spread in the community where i have live at that time, in short time most kids started to call me that horrible name at the blocks near to home, at the block near to my aunt home, he started to spread the "nickname at the boyscauts gruop, so most young men wanted to talk to me and look if they had any chance to do anything with me.So i quitted going to the scouts activities.My sister and my two best frieds were also called by this nikname, just because they hang out with me, was so  hard and painful  for me that time to go outside knowing that "kids and teens that actualy didnt met at all" will call me at that nickname.I started to get anxiety and anguish if i had to go to the supermarket or if i was walking at the streets near to home, once that i remember very well, i went to my best friend house, it was two blocks from home, when i just arrived to her place, young people from there started to yell at me with that horrible name, was a horrible situation so i ran to home, i left my best friend in the door without even said a word,wishing to this nightmare finaly ended soon.So my life changed on this, i started to smock cigarretes in order to feel myself relaxed and sometimes tough, then i went from home to the school and viceversa and never went out to have fun around or be in the neighbordhood with someone, if i must to went out with grand ma that for me meant the worse i wasnt sure if someone could yell me that nickname in front of her.i started to be a young lady depressed and singly.I changed myself in order to be tough and dressed myself like a boy only as way to protection. I lost most friends and i always wanted to be alone or with tough people whom might protected me. My sister was so supportive even when she had almost same age like me.My mother heard about the story that he made and was totaly no no supportive, she scold me asking me a better behave, i guess at that time she didnt know that i need help , that i was a vicitim, she was a very busy person and bulliying as all we know now, didnt existed.So i ask my father to change my school far from home and he did.I can say the bulliying situation never finished at all: All those kids grown up and behave  at the same way, maybe a little less, not often maybe once on while call me that nickname, but i cant never feel the trust that it was end.As soon i get 18 i started to think in move far from that place; When i get 19 i move myself to an island in my country so i becoming yet in a free (bulliying person).Now im adult person and this bulliying took a huge part of my life, i never want to visit my old neightbordhood, i avoid to remember that time, i guess might hurt my feelings, because nobody have the right to do such bulliying o any kind of, i left all this  behind and im open up for you in this time.One day, "this boy who made up the story" found me at facebook, he become a cadet in the army and he wanted to say hello and asked me for frienship.So i let him know, how his joke changed my life for good, how horrible years i have been  pass throught, all beacause he made a joke, a nickname, a childish thought.So i let him know his responsability on this.I cant even remember his answer y guess my brain has deleted  in order to put me out from a new  episode of pain, but he knows now how affected i was and he carry yet in his own conscience how hurt and painful was those years for someone victim of Bulliying.

Today im succesfull person, im doing Kenpo karate at my age  thats a new thing,  i considerer myself a tough person and still im doing all it takes in order to be it.

With sharing my story i want to help people and encourage kids and teens and let them know they are not alone and they will become just in amazing way so noble and considerates human beings.


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