I was the target.

When I was in middle school, my biggest fear was going to school. Everyday I would be harassed and bullied. I still remember sitting in the bleachers at school for school events, and other classmates would put gum in my hair and spit on me. When I asked to move seats, not even the teachers were on my side. They would tell me to stay where I was seated and ignore it. I was sick of brushing gum out of my hair. 

I remember every day at the cafeteria, wherever I would sit, everybody would move. I was a disease that harmed others social lives. They would take mashed potatoes and corn, and fling it on me by bending back plastic spoons. They would push me around in the hallways and steal things out of my book bag. They would push my books off my desk and laugh at how my nose was too big and I had a gap in my teeth. They would laugh at my clothes because they were not new and fashionable. I was sick of it. I was to the point where I began to think death must be better than this. 

My parents ended up pulling me out of school and we moved so I could attend another school. I met better people, I was accepted. I am learning to fix my broken trust in people. I will never be bullied, I will never bully, and I will never be the bystander to bullying. I know how it hurts others, and I will never let that hurt be passed on.

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