I Was A Mistake.

My name is Matthew and I am 13 years old. I have been bullied ever since year 7/6.  

I was friends with a really popular kid and I was one of the most popular kids in school. I had some awesome friends but I also knew that being friends with these people I am going to have to face the consequence. We all got in trouble for talking and ignoring the teacher, my mom told me not to be friends with them anymore which is what I did. I thought this was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made but now on this day I am thankful I made that decision. 

It started with rumours, then name-calling, and also embarresment. Nearly half of my year group bullied me, they called me gay, low-life, they said go and die, you don't have a life you loser. It was horrible. One name that hit me the most was gay, that whole word to me makes me feel like my life was a mistake. I have no problem with gay people at all, but when someone calls you a name that you know your not, it really hurts. I have never ever felt so hated in my life before. 

I told all adults but they didn't listen except my parents. They said they hurt me (which they did before in the past) then I should go straight to the Head of Year and if that is not sorted then the Governers step in to investigate. I have also tried to kill myself twice but failed, first one because my parents called me from downstairs and the second one is because a feeling inside of me told me not to. Ever since that last attempt to kill myself I have never tried it again.

From the start of Year 8 all the way up to today I have ignored every name-calling person, it doesn't stop it (for me) but it defenitely calms you down and prevents you from answering back.

My advice to you is:

Becareful of the friends you choose, ignore them, if they do anything to you go straight to an adult who will sort it and if not bring in the parents, don't name-call back because it makes it worse and just focuse on your life not theirs, they're the idiots not you so stay as far away as possible from them.

Hope this helped any victims and also never turn to suicide or self-harm, trust me it is not the right route to go.

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