I've been there

When watching the movie "Bully" today, I really felt and knew what those kids were going through. I have been bullied before continuously, to the point that I sometimes wanted to be the bully to make the bullies feel what it's like to be bullied, but I didn't become the bully because then there would be a continuous strand of bullying. I have been bullied by students who were the same age as me, students who are older than me and by students who hardly or didn't even know me and what I was/am going through. When I see someone being bullied or here that someone is being bullied, I do intervene and stand up for the victim, and tell someone else who is trusted what is going on. I will never stand and watch someone be bullied. Bullying is the one thing that is in schools and action can be taken to prevent and stop bullying in our schools, and school administration can take action and not let the youth of today have to endure the feeing of being bullied and be so isolated and depressed to the point that they decide to end their life because they were being bullied and no one would stand up to help them to prevent a tragedy. I have been bullied, and I believe that it only takes one to make a difference.

This film made me cry the entire time. I could really feel the kids and their experiences and I was their I have been bullied every day at school from5th to 8th grade because of my physical appearance, because of my sexuality, an just because I'm different from everyone else. The movie is really impactful. This movie says that one person can make a difference and I'm sure that whoever has see this movie has realized that they can and will stand up and make that difference, that they can stop bullying in schools and in the community, that they can save a young person from suicide. Let the youth of today know that they are safe when they are at school ad that they wont be bullied every day and someone will do something when it does happen. When I was bulled I would tell teachers about what has been happening over and over again. They still don't do anything to make us eel safe. Take a stand against bullying!

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