I used to have my confidence. And now, it is all gone.

Back when I was in grade school. That whole year, from my 2nd to 6th year in grade school, all the kids in my school. I mean, The whole school. They bully me. I am their number one target. The masterminds are on my class, so every morning, when I go to school. When I enter that gate, it's like I'm entering the hell already. They always know how to start my day, worst. First, they'll wait for my arrival, and when they saw me coming, the next thing they will do, is block the door to our classroom. And I fought to get in, but they were so strong. I really fought, but nothing seems to happen, so what I do is I will wait for our teacher to arrive, and that is when I get into our room. And through out the day, all they do to me is to call me names. They throw my stuff in the trash can, and they throw big bottles at me. They hurt me, they abuse me, they make fun of me. And everytime I get to speak in front of the class, they will embarrass me, every single time. And even few of the teachers do. And it hurts. That is why my confidence broke. I used to be so strong, so confident about myself. But everytime they open their mouth and criticize me, that is where my confident starts to lower down, and it came to the point where nothing left. I always wonder, what did I ever do to them, to deserve this kind of treatment from them. They think it's fun. Yes, for them, whose bullying me is fun, but for me who's being bullied is no fun, it hurts. I always wanted to escape. but I couldn't, because everywhere I go. It's the same treatment. Now I am in high school, I am now senior. I met this guy, he's sweet and kind. We always talk, and I open up to him about the bullying that I am going through every single day. It's been going on for almost 7 years. And do you know what he said? He said that I am strong. At first I didn't believe him, I mean, why did I become strong? I was bullied, and still am. But he said, that I've been bullied for 7 years, yet you stand strong, like nothing is going on. That smile on your face, the strongest smile I have ever seen. And because of him, I finally realize that, they can bring me down, every time. But I will get up, and I promise you, that I will become stronger once I am up. And yes, I will let you take my confidence away, and I don't care. Because I can get them back, but with more. 


So, everyone, always remember. They can always break you down, they can always hurt you. But they can never be stronger as you are now. Always remember that it's okay to be hurt, because being hurt what makes us more stronger and fearless. We can always look back to those people who hurt us in the past, look back and said to them, "You have brought me down once, but not this time. Because I am more stronger that you thought." Actually, in my opinion, I thank those bullies, because if not for them, I wouldn't be stronger like I am today. Stand up, don't stay down. 


Once they broke you, build up. Be strong. 

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