I need help but for some reason don't want it!

It started in 4th grade when I had braces and I got called chipmunk, braceface, etc. Then in 5th I was getting hit, smacked, harassed by people. Then this year.......... At the beginning of the year I first felt popular, happy, beautiful. But, then I realized that notes started pilling up in my locker one said, " YOU ARE PIG FAT SLUT" Others were to hard to read. It got so bad I began to self harm and be suicidal... I told one of my best friends only her that is it! She spread it throughout the whole school next thing I knew literally everyone knew even teachers. One day I got called down to the office to talk to my counselor. I lied and said it wasn't true but the office kept hearing it spread. When she realized it was true, she called my parents. They seemed to hate me! Why oh why!!!!!! They didn't think I even did it. They thought I did it for attention. 

 It started getting better.......then it got worse. I am called ugly, fat, useless, worthless, etc. It's hurtfull to me. I don't self harm anymore however I do slip up once in awhile. BUT SUICIDE AND SELF HARM IS NOT THE ANSWER! 

Thank you for reading my story, what's yours?

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