I'm trying my best.

I have been bullied since I was in Kindergarten  So I was 4 when the bullying started for me The bullying is still happening and I'm 15 years-old. It was just one girl for the first three years, but then more people started to bully me. When it started, it was just verbal bullying. But as it progressed, I started to get hit and get physically bullied. The bullying for me started to get really bad at the age of 8. When I was 8, I was having serious heart problems and that caused me to be weak and the original bully took advantage of that and that's when the physicality of the bullying started.

I tried to tell my parents about the bullying twice. The first time, they told me that I was just having an overactive imagination. The second time, they told that I need to fight back. The second time was 3 years ago. No one else in my family knows about the bullying.

I've have thoughts of suicide a lot in the past. I've tried to kill myself by attempting to drown myself in the bathtub, cutting, and a few other methods. But I'm not going to name any of the other ways.

But I have started going to counseling to help with dealing with depression and the bullies. I have started to fight back when the bullies start to bully me. I am about to start my sophomore year. I am currently hoping, praying, and wishing that this year is going to be a different year. A good different.

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