I just dealt with it until my best-friend stoop up for me.

I am 14 almost 15 years old, and finishing off my 8th grade year. I will be at the high school next year.

I dealt with people constantly calling me "Chunky Punky",caling me fat, telling me I'm worthless. I still deal with some of these problems. I'm slowly getting better and not letting it get to me. A lot of these problems stopped when my friend said something to a bully. She couldn't stand to see me get bullied. At one point the bullying got so bad I started self-harming. I didn't think it would last long because it hurt-a lot! Then I realized I liked the feeling. Slowly they got deeper and deeper, I almost killed myself! I barely missed a vein in my wrist. My friend begged me to stop. I told her there was no way! She got me into counseling, and stopped alot of the bullying being done to me! I'm so glad she was there to help me. If she had not been I probably wouldn't be here today! Bullying is indeed a serious matter. I have lost about 3 people close to me because bullies drove them to suicide. 

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