I had a Bullying Problem but I solved it.

So it was happened 3 years ago. I was on 6 year in secondary school. I don't remember exactly on what year I was but I think this was 6 year.

I remember this stupid girls from 4 year, who tried to bullying me.  They started from ugly words to throwing plastic cutlery in school canteen and plastic bottle.

At the first days I just ignore this but they were becoming more and more annoying. I was really angry and little scare of that but I couldn't leave this like that.  After more days I spoke with my friends. But I had help just from one, who help me, who that girls are and I go to deputy director of school and one teacher who care about that bad pupils at the school. This took few days to find all that girls. 

So that girls had suffered the punishment for what they done and I didn't saw anyone of that girls anymore. And I solved my bullying problem for my leaving days from school.

We need to believe to our self to solve that problems, We need to be strong, We can't give up! We need fight with that! 

~Marta from Aberdeen UK

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