I felt alone

Throughout grades 6-8 I was bullied I always asked for help but my voice was ignored I felt alone and couldn't figure out why I was being pushed around and called down. I felt like I wasn't important and that if I died no one would care so at the age of 15 I tried to kill myself I took a full bottle of pills and thought everything would better for everyone if I was gone. I felt like I was a burden and when I failed my attempt of ending my life I learnt that my family loved me a lot and so did a few friends! I am now 17 and have a beautiful son and some days I only push through for him but it gets better! If your feeling worthless talk to someone people will understand sure sometimes you can't go to the school or don't think you can so go to family! Talk to a friend or someone but don't give up because it truly does get better! Sure people pick on me still but I ignore them because in the end your opinion is the one that matters :)    

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  • Ryan Knowles
    commented 2013-03-22 17:31:01 -0400
    Ashley, thanks for sharing your story. My name is Ryan, I work for The Bully Project. So glad to see you have taken the negatives and turned them into positive! Incredible advice too, please feel free to share with others who have also posted their stories like you! Stay in touch, we’re here if you need us!


    The Bully Project