I don't understand

I've always been one of those girls who had more guy friends that girls. It was just easier because they aren't as involved in the drama and I have always just got along better with guys. Girls call me a hoe and slut for it. I've only had 3 boyfriends and I'm still a virgin. I don't understand why they call me those names when they don't even know me. I wish people didn't think and see me like that, because that's not what it is. They don't even get the chance to know me.

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  • Ryan Knowles
    commented 2013-03-22 17:46:05 -0400
    Emily, I am sorry to hear all of this. My sister dealt with similar issues as she grew up and bounced around a group of different friends. Unfortunately we still live in an age where people think so heavily along gender lines, and what is accepted as a result, that they don’t realize how arcane their words and actions actually are. What’s important to remember is that if you are happy with your friends and if they give you the support you’re looking for, those that insult and harass you are just blips on the radar, people who ultimately once you move beyond high school will no longer be in your day to day life, especially as you choose to define the life you want.

    In high school, I wasn’t friends with the most popular or the best looking people, and as I look back on it, I am so happy I stuck with my friends and my beliefs. My life has benefitted from it enormously.

    Stay strong,

    The Bully Project