I am Australian and I am damn proud!

Bradley Sacks

#2680 This isn't a secret so much as it is a statement from me it's okay that everyone knows who I am. Yes I have a name. My name is Bradley and I am "the Australian kid" that visited New Paltz last year. I spent years and had to make many sacrifices just to be able to experience what students in America experience every single day in college. When I came to New Paltz I bent over backwards to be so friendly to every single person (no matter how very different some people were). I always put others in front of my self from lending people clothes in storms, defending people, helping others with assignments, spending time every one as much as I could despite what was involved and not judging or labeling any one ever even though that person was clearly extremely different to myself. I didn't even ask anything in return ever other than those people who wanted to accept my friendship inform me about the American culture and way of doing things. I know deep down inside that I made a lot of good friends at New Paltz. I gave so much to the school and the community, to be publicly bashed and attacked like I was in this message is really disgusting, immature, cruel and unfair as I was extremely hurt, humiliated and embarrassed. It doesn't matter that this post has now been deleted and isn't true the act is it was still written by some one and allowed up in the first place to the public online. Thank you to all my wonderful amazing friends for defending me even without me knowing about it many months ago. I can honestly say that I tried my very best to show extreme generosity, kindness, loyalty, forgiveness and integrity to every single person that I had the privilege of meeting last semester. Nobody deserves to be treated ths way - especially some one from another country who tried so very hard to make friends abroad in such a limited period of time. I have the courage to stand up for what I believe is right - the truth! What could any one want to know that's more important than that? The truth is no secret, it's a reality. I am proud of who I am, my nationality and my identity even if I have done things wrong in the past and am very different from a lot of other people. No one will ever be able to take that away from me no matter how hard they try!

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