I am a Bullying Survivor

Today on the 4th of July I decided to share this movie with my almost 12 yr old son & almost 9 yr old son.

I was bullied/persecuted relentlessly from 6th grade through the end of 8th. If my main bully had not moved away it would have continued through much of high school. My bullies rode my bus, lived in my neighborhood & would chase me down on go-karts trying to run me down & break my legs.

Today, I am actually friends with a few of my former bullies who have since chosen to leave bullying behind & are truly great people I am glad to call friends. I have forgiven them & let them know that in a personal email along with how what they did as children intensely hurt me. I did not heal from bullying for the most part until that moment. I also realize while watching this movie - that I still feel the slings,arrows & major hurts from my middle school years as though it were just yesterday.

I am a Bullying Survivor & I am taking a stand for my sons, for all Bullying Victims, for their families & friends & for Reformed Bullies who made the choice to STOP hurting others after seeing how what they were doing was so extremely wrong.

Please let me know of any ways that I can help support you, this cause & in spreading the word. I choose to be a part of the Solution & to spread KINDNESS.....

Very Respectfully,
Kimberly Walking Turtle Woman March


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