Howl It to the Moon

     In my small town, to be looked upon as different is nowhere near acceptable to the teenage eye. After watching the movie, Bully,  I decided this story is worth being shared. 

     As a friend of a victim, I do not tolerate any bullying whatsoever. During seventh and eighth grade were my most monotonous years, due to the fact I had to find a complete different set of friends. I was not very appealing to the eye as some said, with my braces, glasses, and tomboy apparel. The following year I changed completely, my braces were removed and I received glasses.

     No later than that two boys asked me to date them. With dating receives popularity, however, which I despised. I still hung out with a weird (in the best way!) group of friends. I was dating a football player at the time, and no more than three weeks later after seeing what my friends were like, he dumped me. My friends felt so bad for me, that one of them came up to me and said, "I swear he dumped you because of me." I told her that she had to not worry, if he couldn't date me because of them then he was not worthy. 

     The following year I went on an educational field trip with the same friend's ex boyfriend for nine days. Two months before I went on the trip I learned that he was very violent and harsh towards her. During the trip he threatened my life and the lives of the ones I love most, after I denied going to his room for sex and drugs. I reported the incidents to four different adults at first. Then the teacher on the trip told the vice principal and the principal. All that the adults did was pull him into the office to talk to him, and he did not receive ONE detention, suspension, expulsion, NOTHING. 

     My parents and friends are so proud of what I have gone through, and even though I did not receive the justice I desire, I would like this story to be known so that others do not hold in what occurs in life. Howl it to the moon if you must, but everyone has a voice, and if not heard, it will not be known. Tell adults, tell people with high authority, scream it, write it, but whatever you do, do NOT give up. Hope is the strongest thing anyone can hold, but you must let the truth be known! Thank you. 

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