How we fight it in France

I just watched the movie, and i wanted to give some perspective to you guys.

I've been working in a high school for 4 years now, as a "assistante d'education" which means that i watch over kids when they're not in class. I don't know if this job exists in USA. Basically we're with the kids watching over their safety and making sure they do their homework, helping them with their future etc... It's a student half time work. So, Bullying happens all over the world. We have it in France too. The difference is how we deal with it : Here, whenever a kid gets bullyed, even if he doesn't ask for help, if I see that, both kids involved in the bullying go sytraight to direction office, we call the parents and make them come to the school to face with their children problem, of the bullyed and the bully. Both. If the bullying involves ANY KIND OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, the violent kid gets IMIDEATELY EXPELLED from the school for at least 2 days, and if it has allready happened, for 1 week, and so on. If it's about VERBAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE, the bully will be punished with detention hours and will have to explain in an essai his attitude, why it's wrong and how to change it. If the situation is recurrent to one kid, we ALERT THE POLICE, because we know how far it can go, specially today with internet. I don't know about USA but in France, INTERNET BULLYING, is consider by the law as MORAL HARRASEMENT ans it's punished by the law, if the accused person is minor, the parents wil have to pay amend to the victims parents.

Thanks to this consecuences, bully of course still exists, but in a much less way, and kids have a way to fight it, and someone to talk to in school (us)

So after seeing the documentary i think that you SHOULD ASK THE HIGH SCHOOLS TO RENFORCE THEIR INTERNAL RULES so that bullying = immediate consecuences, either calling the parents, either expelling.

I'm schoked about the teachers attitude. Those people need to be fired. And the parents of the bullys need to understand that if their children don't change their attitudes they will be serious consecuences.

People need to understand that bullying is pshycological harressement and not just a stupid game between kids. ITS THE SAME THING.

So that's my point of view. Sorry about my bad english. Hope this will help.

God bless you all, those who fight against any kind of violence.


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