How I survived school

throughout my 11 years of school, i have learned two things. 1, is that you're never alone and 2, always speak up. I was bullied all through elementary because my hair didn't grow like the other girls. My hair was abnormally short and i dressed like a boy. I went through the whole tomboy phase when i was younger and people hated on me for it for what i was comfortable with. I ignored the kids as long as i could and took a stand and told my principal. Now, still to this day, when i have reported being bullied the school has done nothing about it. I have heard the whole line of "I'll talk to that student after class" to "i'll call their parents" and yet, still nothing was done about it. i'd ask the teachers daily "what did their parents say?" and they'd give me nothing. I survived all of elementary moving to several different schools because of this. and with the bullying came redemption. I fought back in most cases and you should never fight fire with fire. But i did and almost everytime i was the one who got in the most trouble. Come middle school, i moved outside of my home town to a very small town in the middle of nowhere. I thought it would be a great fresh start to my life. When school started i felt so alone. I had kids picking on me, calling me the new kid, saying i looked like a boy, saying i was a fag and so on and so forth. I took a new approach by dressing more girly. When this started, the names progressed into whore, slut, skank etc. No matter what you do, kids are going to label you. I moved back to my hometown for my freshman year of highschool and it was great. the bullying had come to a stop and i had many friends. But sadly enough, that didn't last. I moved back to that small town in the middle of nowhere the year after. (my parents had split up for that one year of my freshman year) When i moved back, the summer was great and i had created many memories. As sophomore started, things got worse and for no reason everyone started to gang up on me. Because i came from the city they immediately thought i was some type of drug dealer.  People began to say the reason i left for a year was because i got pregnant. I spiraled down during this time and became a constant drinker. I ruined my body and my life because of this. I let it all get the best of me. I was losing the little friends i had to begin with. And i was alone. I couldn't go back to my hometown often because the commute was an hour drive and it cost a lot of money to drive back and forth. I went to go to first class one day, and the first thing i heard was a group of girls call me a slut and a coke addict. I dropped my books and went to my locker. I grabbed my stuff and left the school. That day, i told my mum i wasn't going back. I had broken down and i was fed up with everything. My mum then took me out of that school and enrolled me into homeschool until we moved back to my hometown for my senior year. As homeschool began, things we're going great. my parents made time for me to go to my hometown and see friends. But little did i know, my happiness was short lived. Eventually the bullying followed me to social media and texting. People began making public posts about me and starting ridiculous rumors. I didn't go one day for 3 months without hearing something about me over facebook or twitter or instagram. Social media is a powerful thing and will ruin your mind. I let that all beat me down. I didn't go to the school to report this nor did i call the cops although cops could do something about it. I felt hopeless. I started deleting everyone from that town off of everything that i was connected with so they couldn't see what i was doing or harass me. I didn't make the best step in letting it all stop because i did nothing about it. But sometimes that's the best thing you can do is nothing. Where i stand now, im moving back to my hometown, im finishing my sophomore year in my freshman school and things are getting back on track. i stopped constantly drinking and i'm getting my head on straight and not letting things get the best of me. 

My best advice to those suffering from school bullying and even if it follows you home, is just ignore it. The more you ignore the situation, the quicker it will fade. If you take action, it will just make things worse. For example, if you fight fire with fire, the flame only gets bigger. YOU are the first step in changing lives right now. Be the bigger person. Show you'rte much more than what they're making you out to be. Because no matter how hard everything gets, when even if you think you've hit rock bottom, it will get better. Not everything gets better as fast as you wish it could, but never give up. Because within time, things will change and those bullies will move on. They will leave you alone because you're not giving them anything to feed off of. Don't show that they make you upset. If they say something to you, brush it off like you never heard it. And not everyone needs 10 friends. I have 3 really good friends. And i can live with that. Because they are important to me. You don't need a whole bunch of peole to back you up. But before friends comes family. And family will always be there for you. or your legal guardian. You will always have someone so never feel as though you're helpless. Even in the toughest situations. Because even if it doesn't feel like it, someone, somewhere loves you with all their heart. And that's all you ever need to get through your day. So stay happy and don't let others bring you down because of their own pathetic needs of making someone else feel bad. Be happy because you're that bullies centre of attention :) 

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