Holding Hands That Throw Stones

Let me give you some backstory: I was always a little...odd. For most of my school years I suffered through an undiagnosed case of PTSD. So my social interactions were different.

I don't remember when it began. But I have memories of girls befriending me one day then pretending I didn't exist the next. Older girls called me a lesbian and treated me like it was the plague or something. I was spit on by boys, rocks were thrown at me by my "friends", and I was framed for many violent things that I never actually did. And that was just elementary school.

When I was in middle school I was slammed into lockers, tripped, hit, and called "fat", "lard", "cow", and "hippo". I barely weighed 130. Boys would scream for everyone to move out of the way of the hippo before she ate them. And my classmates listened. When I went to the counselor for help, she made me apologize to my tormentors for making them bully me. So, I gave up.

When I was 12, I began to cut and first attempted suicide. Over the next 5 years I would attempt suicide 9 more times.

I never thought I'd survive. But I did. And when the same things started to happen to my brother, I told the kids off. My brother fared far better because of it.

But why didn't anyone step up for me? Why did I have to apologize for their actions?

I would ask myself these questions and feel like no one could answer them. But after viewing Bully, I realized that other people were asking them too. I feel like I could join this giant unanimous voice and help those that need it.

I'm here. To listen. To stand up for. To protect. Because you are somebody. And you are worth it.


Thank you,

Tay Camille

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