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I'd say that i have a pretty normal life. Was a slightly larger than normal baby. My parents were 26 and 27. I didn't have many problems with bullying until i got a little older.

My brother was the first person that bullied me. He always got me so worked up. He used to choke me, beat me, one time he kicked me in the throat and i got some air... haha. I never understood why exactly he did the things he did. There was one time i had just gotten out of the shower when i was around 10 or so, he brought me into our spare bedroom while i was still naked (really weird), and he hit me. Threw my head into the rocking chair ottoman. I never got why he did it while i was naked but whatever. My dad was the only one who protected me from him because my dad was beaten as a kid.

My parents got divorced about 2 years ago and my brother doesnt go to my dads house really so he doesnt protect me anymore but my brother is getting better. the last time he really hurt me was 1 year ago. i guess he was angry at me i wasn't trying to provoke him. He lunged at me and sat on my chest (He is a 300 pound kid and at the time i was around 90), he put his hands around my neck and i litterally could not breath. Then he threw me onto the floor and i finally kicked him off of me. After that he kinda stopped when he got a girlfriend (fiance now... hes 18) he doesnt treat her as well as he should, hes mean a lot, but she won't leave him and they are good together. i think they will work it out.

Going back in time, i didnt start getting bullied until about 3rd grade. i never stayed in one place for long. my dads jobs caused us to move a lot. so i switched schools like every 1-2 years. i never really had trouble making friends. im a pretty funny guy, im not rude, people like me. When i got to 3rd grade, i had a bully. Let's call him Joe (not his real name). He would always pick on me and i didnt let it bother me. He was the first and only kid i ever got in a fight with other than my brother. i dont remember much but i know i didnt get in trouble because the teachers new i was defending myself. i moved to Arizona a few years later. i got picked on a lot there in school because im so small (i was about 4' 6" from 5th to 6th grade). but i had an old friend there (i was originally born in arizona and we moved back) who was kind of "in" with the popular group so they got to know me and stopped.

The bullying started again when i moved to Indiana a few years later. My brother was REALLY mean to me around this time for some reason. but i made some great friends on the first day of school. so at this time i was 11-12 and i realized how mean bullying is. ive always tryed to make friends with the geeks and nerds because i am too and we all knew how it felt to be bullied. i didnt let it bother me so i awlays tried to be there for other people that let it get to them. I remember there was this one kid who had no friends and got picked on. i was the only person who talked to him. i would sit with him at lunch instead of my popular friends and they didnt get it but i felt so bad for him. i got a lot of sh*t for hanging with him but whatever. Screw them. He was one of the best friends ive ever had. the people with no friends are always the best friends when they get one. no one understands that geeks and weirdos are normal, cool people. anyway, he moved away and so did i.

so from 13-now, i live in Pennsylvania. Here i went to 8th grade, 9th grade, and now i am just finishing 10th grade. I get made fun of A LOT here because even now (at 15 going on 16 soon), i am only barely 5 feet tall and have a high pitch voice of a 5 year old girl (im a boy by the way). i've always kind of hated myself for being so small. its not fair.... anyways, i got made fun of so much in 8th grade because the only real friends i had were girls because i get along with them better. people would call me gay but i would just tell myself "at least girls will talk to me" which is true because girls think i am adorable. the problem is none of them would actually want to date me since i look like im 8 years old. o well.

so 9th grade was horable for me because it was my first year of high school. kids can be so cruel. the push me and mess with me in the hall and talk crap to me about being so small. but i really dont care. let them be cruel. i get happiness knowing that i am at least a descent human being that doesnt laugh at people for being different.

now is the end of 10th grade. it was a pretty go year. i made a best friend and a whole bunch of friends that accept me for who i am. sure i got a lot of bullying but i will just shrug it off. i remember sitting in lunch and seeing this freshman on his first day. he was sitting alone and it breaks my heart when i see people sitting alone with no friends because i know how that feels. i hate the cafeteria. thats where the kids are most cruel. so any ways, i sat with him and reassured his that highschool inst that bad and to not let stuff get to you. i resently saw him at the amusement park where i work. he got a job there and he is doing good. has lots of friends. i dont think he remembers who i am but im glad he is doing good.

so today i decided to watch the movie "bully" and it really moved me. the kid in that movie, Alex, was tortured on the bus by people and he has had it happen for so long that he got used to it. he accepted it and laughed at it because he thought those mean kids were his friends. that is the only human contact that he gets with kids his age. he has been bullied so much that he got to the point where he thought the kids liked him and they were just screwing around. I felt so bad for this kid. it just broke my heart and i wouldnt wish that upon anyone. especially him. i want to give a shout out to Alex for being so strong. Hang in there man. it will get better. when you graduate high school with good grades and get into the real world, you will excel. and they will be the losers from being too caught up in being popular. screw them.

also, seeing how those kids were willing to kill themselves rather than to continue being bullied. that is why i joined this project. i made a promise to myself, when i realised i was a loser, to never let myself get to that point. i am staying strong. but i know that some kids arent that strong, so i want to be there to help them keep their chin up.

no one should resort to suicide....

if we all join together and stand up against bullying, it will set off a chain reaction. We can end this together. no one should have to deal with the burden of bullying. being pushed to the point of hating yourself and everyone around you.

lets beat bullying. End it once and for all!

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