Haters are Just as Bad.

i was never the outcast.  I was never the typical 'victim'. I was atually the smartest, nicest, and one of the prettiest in class, and when I decided to run for Vice Mayor, everyone knew me. I also sang for a number of events in my school. At one camping event where I sang the National Anthem, on the second day, two girls were behind me. I didn't know who they were but they knew me. They started calling my name and at first I tried not to look back, but then the third time they said 'Amber, Amber, f**k you.' And at that point I broke down and I really didn't want to be noticed again. And being a 'good girl', I didn't mingle with boys from other sections in my school but some guys took advantage of it and started stalking me. At some points I would be gossiped about by some of my 'haters', saying I was 'maarte' (tagalog word for prissy) and that I was a b****, and that I only hung out with my best friends, who are smaller, less popular girls, just so I could be the best looking out of our barkada (social circle). I wasn't doing anything to them. They just enjoyed saying things about me. Sometimes boys I didn't know would look out from windows and call out my name really loud, or block me in the canteen to ask my name, and it makes me very uncomfortable. I'm starting high school soon and I seriously hope that I could start new. And that's my story.

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  • Marianne Manilov
    commented 2013-03-30 03:08:52 -0400
    Thank you Amber for sharing your story and for sharing about how this has been hard for you. We want you to feel safe at school and knowing this is happening for you means it is happening for others. I’m hoping you might reach out to a teacher, parent or someone else at school and let them know what’s going on. Contact us for support too. You are just one who is willing to speak up and you are brave for doing it. Now we need to get you and others safe by starting a conversation and making sure programs are put into place that stop the kind of behavior you talk about in your story. —Marianne, for the Bully Project