Growing up in a small town, I was subject to bullying massively. Entire childhood had only one friend, experiences went from being lured into an alley and getting jumped with sticks, pipes, and rocks. Nearly everyday, I was getting harassed coming home with bruises, cuts, gashes. 

Overtime, I wouldn't leave my house hardly, I kept to myself, never bothered to talk to people. Then we moved to Texas, Middle School was rough, first week I got jumped and put in a headlock in the hall. 

Started to get into fights consistently, two worst incidents was when I was on 6th grade and got punched hard enough in the face that my nose started bleeding. The second time was when I was slugged across the face so hard that I had a concussion to the point I couldn't stay awake.

After I started fighting back, the bullying stopped, I grazed through High School and graduated. My little brother however was being subject to bullying from Elementary into Middle School. Kids hitting him, kicking him, tripping him, pulling his hair, calling him names. Alot on the bus, we went to the Principal numerous times, the Super Intendent, counselors, and were told everytime they were being kids and they would deal with it. 

This is still ongoing for my lil bro, we've gone so far as to threaten the school with going to the news, we emailed and never got emailed back by the School administration. And over the past two years, I've watched a kid, go from a happy wants to be everybodys friend kind of guy to someone who shelters himself, is depressed and tries to avoid everyone. 

School has yet to do anything. 

About a week ago, a kid that I knew in HS in ROTC, committed suicide on the campus, shot himself because he was being bullied. The counselors were apparently warned of it before hand by another friend, and said that ''They couldn't see such a thing happening and if it did, they would deal with it.'' Minutes later, Solomon Harris [15] shot himself. He died that night, leaving behind his little sister and parents.

This has most definitely frightened me considering my lil bro. Not only have I lost someone I felt was part of a family for being in ROTC, but I feel as if I'm losing the sweetside of my brother. No one seems to want to help.

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