Hi! My names Gabrielle Pompi, and my story goes a little like this.

It all started in third grade,  it was summer time and a week before my 8th birthday when some horrible happened, I came home from camp to find out my mother passed away. I cried for a good 12 days until I started to comprehend what happened. I got extremely depressed and started eating a lot... By the time I got back to school that September, I looked like a gained a good 50 pounds. That's when everything started. They called me fat, ugly, stupid, etc.. I cried myself every night, I lost most of friends, and I basically sat by myself at lunch everyday. 5 grade year was the worst, these girls that were in 8th grade used to beat me up continuously until seventh grade. But my sixth grade year was even worse.  Everyone would stare at me in the hallways and just laugh at me, criticizing me to the point where I'd pretend I was sick so I wouldn't be sent to school, and when I was sent to school, I would even get myself suspended just so I wouldn't have to hear all the bullshit. But my 8th grade  year is when I started getting bullied over the Internet. People would write to me saying that "no one likes me, I should kill myself, I'm fat/ugly/slut/cunt/skank etc. then they started saying how I caused my mothers death, and how I made her commit suicide when they honestly don't even know how she passed. But after a while I started believing everything, I became clinically depressed and developed a mood disorder, I rarely went out and hung out with my friends, I stayed in bed most of my day besides when I was sent to school, then I started scratching up my arms, punching walls and writing all over my arms about how worthless I am and that nobody will ever love me.. I'm still bullied to this day, and I'm a freshman. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think that it's my mothers fault for her passing, and how I'm just a worthless person no one will ever love.. But for everyone else who's bullied out there, stay strong! You're beautiful in every way ❤

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