Got bullied is Bad but It became Worst without Friends

I was transfer onto my neighborhood from my Grandma house since my first grade student at my Elementary school. I was the new girl around here. Boy used to pick me up since none of my parent accompany me like what their parent did, I have a baby sister and another younger sister so my Mom always stay at home. At first, I didn't even take a glance to what they did but since the parents all gone and the teachers not at class. It became worst to me, they (boys in my class) pull my hair, lift my skirt, and so on. I cried almost everyday and that made the girls join in, they call me crybaby everyday and for years later. Bad thing is, even my younger sister bullied me at home. She gladly kick me, push my face into water, chocking me everyday, and so on every single time I was at home And my Mom always said, I must not do anything bad to my sister because I'm the oldest. I really want to run but I had nowhere to run, I never had any penny left with me to go back to my Grandma house since it always used up, my mom never gave me much pocket money and my Grandma had no phone. Kill myself is not a choice, I still love my Grandma, she deceased now, and I'll get an Express-ticket to Hell.

Good thing is, I got some friends that also my classmates from another neighborhood that stand against my Schoolmates, yup its not just my Classmates only but also the senior and even those younger than me. Every times the bully getting worst than the daily bullied they used, my real friends (my up-standers, thanks to you girls, I owe you my life) always told me, "stand yourself, high and mighty, fight them back". It still need years for me before I stand and fought them myself and I swore to myself, "I'll never let people bully another when I'm near even if its one against team." I use not only my brawl but also my brain for that, sometimes you must showing your scariest side to make them decide to make problem with you or not. 

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