getting physicly heart

hello my name is Devon (devin) and my freind ethan was being physicly heart. :(

 well it started when he had some candy after school or biggining or middle of school time im not sure exactly when it was but all i know is that a gang of kids come up to him and start to punch and kick him in the gut and the ribs just for a few min. but the storey continus next year is when i met him and told me about it, so the next year another gang forms in APW elimentary the gang is called (the tear drop gang) they told ethan mt freind that they where going to jump him first then choke him to death, and another day in one of the hallways of my school a 6th grader comes up to a kindergardener and punches him in the head really hard, the is not in school at the moment but the mother said that she is going to move the kid to a diffrent school.

  Then another dat another 6th grader goes into the 6th grade bathroom and chokes a kid untill he was passed out they found him lying in the mens b-room passed out cold and so they closed the 6th grade bathroomes untill further notice we still dont know who did these horrible things to thoes kids and remain on the look out for him.

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