Site FAQ

What's a badge?


Badges are little rewards that you earn by doing awesome stuff around the site like taking the Pledge to end bullying or hosting an event. 

How do I earn badges?


If we told you that it wouldn't be any fun! 

Your action center is a good place to start. There are always a number of different actions you can take there and we'll be adding more as time goes on. 

Why are there question marks in my action center?


Those are new actions that either we haven't rolled out yet or you can unlock by doing other actions!

How do I follow a person?


Everyone on the site has a public profile (unless they specify otherwise in their settings). When you see people commenting around the site and you want to follow them, click on their name and then "follow" in their profile. If you want to unfollow them, just go back and hit the "x" in the same spot. 

You can see everyone that you follow and who follows you in "Your Bully Network" in the right hand column.  

How do I follow a page?


You can follow certain pages by clicking on "follow" above the commenting box and unfollow it by clicking on the "x."

Once you follow a page, you'll be alerted by email whenever someone posts on it. This can be useful if you want to follow a conversation or stream or if you want to keep track of RSVPs on an event page. 

Note: When you create a page yourself (such as an event or a suggestion) you'll automatically be following that page. To unfollow it, see instructions above. 

What is my Activity Stream?

In the right hand column of the page there is a button called "Activity Stream". What's that all about?


Your activity stream is a real-time stream of everything happening in your network on the BULLY Project. It shows you what your followers are doing, if people have RSVPed to your event or commented on a page you've published. 

Because all the people's names in the stream are linked, you can click on them to see their public profile. You can also interact with them here, for example reply to their tweets or retweeting them. 

How do I edit a story I posted?


When you're logged into the site, you can access all the pages to the left of your profile picture along the top of the site.