From the parents eyes:

Something every parent should know is NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER GIVE IN.

Every parent no matter what needs to fight for their bullied child.  I should know I fought year after year after year for my daughter.  From kindergarden through the seventh grade.  Why till the seventh grade? Because that is when I was able to permenatly move her out of district to a school with programs better suited for her needs. 

My daughter was bullied everyday not only by students but by teachers and when she would complain a blind eye was turned and she was labled a trouble maker/tattle tail as NOONE would believe her.  She wore boots to school everyday.  I would try to get her to wear diffrent shoes but she insisted on always wearing her boots.  I didn't find out till years later that thoose boots saved her from having broken toes.  Thoose boots numbed the pain of kids literally stomping on her feet.

She failed Physical Education.  What kid ever fails PE? My daughter did. Why?  Because she wouldn't dress for PE.  If she did the girls would take her street cloths and throw them in the shower so she gave up.  Was I ever notified?  NOPE.

She was walking down the hall oneday while class was going on with a hall pass in hand.  One other student was comming toward her and a teacher had just stepped out in the hallway and witnessed this other child make a bline for my daughter shoved her into the lockers and then onto the floor. When my daughter reported this and told the principal that a teacher saw it happen.  This teacher said they never left class. 

Kids would slam the lid of her desk down onto her fingers and hands and when she would cry out the teacher would tell her to "Quit Crying, it didn't hurt that bad."  She recieved nothing but D's and F's.  It wasn't because she wasn't trying it was because the teachers wouldn't pay attention to her when she asked for help. 

When she was in second grade I had a teacher write a note home to me telling me "My daughter was a total waste of her time because she didn't like the color green."   What kind of a teacher would say this to a parent.

One of the last straws was when a child pulled my daughters chair out from under her she hit the floor flat on her bumb but instead of crying she got up swinging.  She had, had enough.  I had warned the school that this would happen.  When it did they never notified me till two weeks later when out of the blue they decided to give her detentions.  The other child was the daughter of a particular coach at the school.  Needless to say I blew a gasket.  There were only a few days left in her seventh grade year when this happened.  I demanded she be moved for the next school year and I took her out of school for the remainder of the year.

She started her 8th grade year in a diffrent school with transportation provided by her old school.  She made HIGH B honor roll first and second quarter.  Wich proved to me that the teachers from her old school were not doing their jobs.  I promiced my daughter the day she started 8th grade that she would NEVEr go back to her old school.  I kept that promice and in 2011 she graduated 78th out of 200+ kids. 

From her 8th grade year to her graduation day I was never once called in because she was being bullied, I was never once called in because she wasn't doing her work properly. 

The  list of things that happened to her the bullying she endured I could actually write a book.  My point is parents You must FIGHT for your kids.  Do NOT take no for an answer.  Some think it ends with the superintendant. it doesn't most school systems have regional superintendants.  Most school districts have a department of special education.  Find an advocate.  If your child has an IEP use the resources that are available.  And if you do NOT agree with something on the IEP never ever sign it that you do.  DO what ever it takes to MAKE people listen. Do not walk away with an "I will look into it"  chances are it won't happen. 


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