From the Ground to the Ceiling

My name is Aleksander, and I have been bullied.

It started at school, but not on my own, sometimes my class visited another school not so far away, and there it was worse.
Everytime I was there, people called me "Dumbo", because of my big ears (I later got them fixed by surgery), it was hard, but luckily we weren't that often at that school.

Then I started middle shcool, and it got worse.
I lost many of my friends, but also gained some new ones, who also was bullied. 
I saw one of them being picked on, and I saw him go by himself, almost crying, or maybe he was, I can't really remember, but I understood that it was hard for him.
Then we started talking, and he was really nice. I didn't mind being friends with people who was bullied or not popular, because I didn't want to be popular, people who are, is often not the best kind of people, and many of them are bullies themselves.

Often at school, people would make wierd faces to me, reffering to my teeth, because they were like rabbit teeth.
Even after school, on my way home, people said mean stuff to me, like "It looks like you've been hit by a truck", all because of my teeth, but I got them fixed, too.

I still got bullied at school, but one day, I stood up.
We had just had gymnastics, and in the locker room, everybody complained about how much I sucked at Volleyball. They were mad at me for not being good at it, and messing up the team play, so we losed, but I didn't care for Volleyball.
One of the bullies said "You suck. You can't do anything", and that was when I stood up for myself.
I said "Well, I can do something no one here can do", everybody laughed, and the bully said "What is that?". I didn't say anything, but I stood up, jumped up and kicked the ceiling (Like Martial Arts, which I had been practising)
Nobody said a word. I bet they were so shocked that they didn't know what to say, but I opened the door, and left, with a smile of pride on my face.

After that, people were nicer to me, and the bullies were silenced.

Now I'm 21 years old, and I'm done with school and bullying.
Sometimes I miss school, set aside from the bullying, I had fun days and friends, even though not so many, but I miss them.
I wish I stayed in contact with them after school, but I didn't, and I regret it, and I don't know how to get contact with them again. Well, I know how to, but the hard part is doing it, 'cause I'm kind of shy, and I don't know if they would still care about me.

Bullying is sad.
Everybody should enjoy their days at school, not necessarily all of them, but some of them, at least. Sadly, there are people who have it bad and hard all the time, and nobody deserves that.

I would also like to dedicate some poems I have written, to all the people who are being bullied. I hope these can help you stay strong, keep going and keep on fighting.
Here they are:

-Rise And Fall-

Rise and fall,
Stand up tall.
Don't back down,
Turn around.
Don't you cry,
You won't die,
'Cause through it all,
We'll stand tall,

-One Beautiful Day-

Drown your tears in laugther and joy.
Drown your fears,
You're nobody's toy.
Don't care what they say,
You'll be okey.

You just have to try,
I will not lie,
Hard it might be,
But you'll make it,
You'll see.
One Beautiful Day
You will be free.

-Our Destiny-

Our Destiny,
To change reality,
To make a new and better place,
A world we can embrace.

Our Destiny,
No longer fantasy.
We'll make a new and better place,
Everything else we can erase.

Our Destiny is to fight.
We'll change the world tonight.

-Stay Strong-

I know that life's hard,
When you've been fighting every day.
I know that life's hard.
I just want you to feel okay.

I know that life's hard,
When you've been fighting every night.
I know that life's hard.
I just want you to feel allright.

I know that life's hard
When you been fighting for so long.
I know that life's hard,
Just forever stay strong.



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