Friends or Enemies?

One day, my friend and I were talking. We got in a big fight about how she bosses me around or shes always rude to me. I told her we should not be friends anymore and that it is best if we go seperate ways. Well, she got her friend, (who I thought was my friend, but apparently was not) involved who did NOT like me. She called me really rude names and said that she did not actually even ever like me. She kept harrassing me and I was miserable. I was crying my eyes out and I had nobody to go to because my parents were at work. I sat in my room crying for hours. I started to believe the things she was saying about me and I started to hate myself for it.

She eventually apologized. I forgave her, but I will never become friends with her again; and I will not forget what she put me through.

All in all, I learned a very important lesson through that. Your real friends will accept you no matter what, and as you grow up, you learn who your real friends are, and not your fake ones. Never let one person cause you so much pain. Stand up for yourself. Talk to someone. Do not ever go too hard on yourself, because the most important opinion of yourself is yours. 

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