Friends? Or Backstabbing Monsters? Part 1

I am the kind of girl who talks to everyone. I'm very social and pretty open. I'll talk to you if you talk to me. I've always been this way. Sometimes, though, that isn't a very good thing. I am a 13 year old girl in the 8th grade, trying to get by in life. Keep my grades up, try to make my family proud and my friends. With all this being said, like every girl, I have my down moments. Every year since I started the 5th grade, I have somehow been harassed in some way. Ok, so let start from the beginning.

So, in fifth grade, I was friends with this girl. Lets call her....Clara (although, that is not her real name). Clara and I were best friends. We hung out together and she brought me to her dance classes. I was with her when she was going through rough times and she was there for me. Until one day, she started to get snobby and bossy. Telling me what to do. I felt like she was trying to control my life!! One day, I had started talking to a girl I at first, didn't like. She had a little reputation for being reported a lot. But, at the time, I thought those were all rumors. So when Clara went on her cruise, I hung out with, lets say her name is Ashlyn (of course, not her real name). We got pretty close. We were good friends. Once Clara came back, she took offense to this. She thought I betrayed her. Which, I didn't. I still hung out with Clara. Ashlyn too. Both at the same time. Clara didn't like this. So, she started not to talk to me anymore just because I was friends with Ashlyn. Clara started to send me really mean messages on GirlSense (which is now shut down). I used to get so mad over these messages. If they didn't have that safety typing thing, she would have been cussing at me. Trying to defend myself, I messaged her back. Being young and foolish, I didn't realize that I was just adding fire with fire. I used to come home from school and go on this website. Not to see what she said, but because it was my favorite website at the time. She used to call me names and my friends names. I don't exactly how this cyber bullying ended, but all I remember was that her mother was informed by this, but instead of punishing her daughter, she hated me. But, Clara was just like her mother anyway. They both think they are the best of the best. But, that's ok. It's not my business.

Now sixth grade. sixth grade was actually probably my worst middle school year so far. Clara had come back to haunt me, but with a new sidekick. My friend....Rachel (not her real name) and I were ok friends. She knew some things about me, I knew some things about her. Her boyfriend at the time was my buddy. He was and still is my pal. He's not exactly the nicest kid, not even close, but he's nice to me and makes me laugh. Well, one day, we were joking around as usual, when Rachel had the idea that I was trying to steal her man. Now let me tell yah, I did not like this boy that way. He was just a good friend of mine that I felt comfortable around. Now Clara and Rachel had just started talking not long before this. I didn't particularly like that she was, but at the same time, I really didn't mind this. Although, one day in March of 2011, I was backstabbed. Rachel had turned on me for Clara. They started sitting together and talking about me. Sometimes, I could hear little mumbles from them with my name in their sentences. Other times, I would hear them giggle across the room and look at me. They used to purposely stand behind me before class and talk to each other saying "Oh Rachel, I would never EVER try to still your boyfriend from you. I'm an actual friend." "You are right Clara, you are really an actual friend. And you wouldn't try to hurt me, now would you?" "Of course not, we are TOO close!" See what I mean? They geared thing stuff towards me. Clara would pretend to stab me with a pencil in the back of my head. They would laugh about this. One day, sometime at the end of March, Rachel started to feel bad about what she was doing. She tried to start talking to me again. Although, this only happened because my mother reported it to the school and they got in trouble. She started giving me notes, saying she was sorry. She wouldn't say it to my face though. Being my stubborn self, I didn't want to talk to her. Unfortunately, she did tell me what they were calling me. They called me stupid, dumb, man stealer, the b word, and much more. But, what really stuck out was my label for them, MST. MST meant Main Street Trash. I technically never lived on Main Street (a bad part of town) just the corner of it. Which, by the way, was a different street. I remember having meltdowns, I'd cry to my mom, who was my best friend through this. When it was finally over, I saw the sun come out. But only for a little while.

This is Part 1 of my story, I feel like it should be in two parts, so Part 2 will be up soon!

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