Fix error "PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by name.ppt"

MS PowerPoint complements the Microsoft Office suite as it serves as an important application that is widely used for creation of corporate presentation. This is an impeccable platform that every professional, student or tutor uses for different sort of activities including creation of presentations, drawing, graphing etc. Any user who has utilized MS PowerPoint for creating presentations will be able to highlight the advantages of this wondrous application.

PowerPoint presentations enable the user to make his point clear in front of a large audience as the information discussed is precise and in compact manner. Ultimately, the information becomes more persuasive and hence easily communicates the message to a larger target audience. Being a user of this application, a person is aware of the fact that it takes a lot of time, effort and intelligence to produce an impactful PowerPoint Presentation. Consider a situation when you have already invested a lot of time and thought into preparation of a PPT file and the next time you open the file, you receive an error message i.e.:

"PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by name.ppt"

Definitely, one would never like to think about this situation because such happenings can actually result in nightmare. After investing so much time and efforts, no one would want to come across such a situation where he/she comes across this critical data loss situation. This usually happens due to corruption in PowerPoint file, which actually disables the user to access their vital data stored in the file. In addition to this, there is also a possibility of certain file or related registry entry for MS Office gone corrupt.

In this case of corruption and damage to the PowerPoint file, it will be good if you have a backup copy of the lost PPT file. However, if the backup does not help the user, then relying on a professional PowerPoint File Repair tool is the only option left to gain the access of the damaged PPT file. The PowerPoint file repair software will allow you to retrieve your data from corrupt PowerPoint file without any hassles or troubles. Kernel for PowerPoint repair is considered the most suitable and result-oriented software that can perform PowerPoint file repair easily and quickly.

A PowerPoint PPT file might get corrupt due to reasons like virus attack, media corruption, and malfunction of application or power surges. The most common reason for the PowerPoint corruption can be a bad sector in the disk or storage media, software crash or at times even storage media corruption. Therefore to overcome from damage circumstances and difficult situation, PowerPoint file repair turns out to be the most apt solution.

The advantage of this PowerPoint file repair tool is that it can repair all sorts of PPT presentation and extract all the data in the slides without resulting loss of data. Kernel for PowerPoint repair is capable of repairing large sized PPT files without hampering data formatting or properties. It can easily recover text, data structures, images or disturbance of headers and footnotes.

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