First it was him NOW it is me

It started when I was about 15. My brother committed suicide because he was being bullied. I felt like it was my fault for so long. In a way it was because I should have done more but sadly I can't change that. About two weeks after my brother was gone, I went back to school. I was devastated but I had to continue with MY life. It makes me feel selfish to know that he is gone but I am still here. Anyway, there was a school dance when I got back and my parents thought it would be good for me to go. So I went. Wasn't exactly what I thought. Two really big guys walked up to me and grabbed me. One punched me and I fell. People stood there watching as they harassed me. I couldn't fend for myself because I broke my knuckles.

For the next few months I was harassed. I started cutting and burning myself. I had no one to turn to. I know it was stupid but I can't talk about my feelings. I then became emo. Really stupid. Nobody could figure me out. All of a sudden I was like the one scratch on a wall that would ruin the whole place. My mom found out and she had me change schools. I made no friends bc everyone would look at me weird bc my brother did what he did. They would just judge me. I was know as the weird guy who nobody liked. There wasn't even a reason for them not liking me. I changed to 4 different schools for about two years 'til I found the right one. I found a best mate. I even got a girlfriend. I was finally happy.

Just here to tell you to BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!! Don't let anyone's opinion of you change who you are. If someone has harassed you or hurt you, speak up for yourself. If your a loner, step out of your box and try. Nothing is wrong with you but you should still make an effort to have an average school kid's life.

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