Feeling Great at 48!

Dear Members of the Bully Project,

Hi!  Thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing!  I am so inspired by the children in the documentary Bully! (all of the children, Alex, Caine, Kelby...and the parents.)  I am now 48 years old and feel great because I have found ways to feel that I am contributing to peace in the world.  I am vegan, an animal activist, a sculptor and a student of Buddhism.  I meditate which brings me peace.  I feel passionate and connected to people and social causes!

I wanted to say to children who are bullied and feel depressed, please, go and have your depression treated by a psychiatrist and, please, start therapy with a counselor where you can talk about what you are feeling and what is happening in your life.  Utilize all of the supports that you can.  I used to never want to take medicine for my depression/mental illness.  But I do not feel that way now.  The medicine can lift you up from looping suicidal or negative thought patterns and give you some relief.  But you do need a great doctor who can prescribe the right kind of medicine, especially, for children.  Go out and find such a doctor, it is worth it to give you some relief and then the doctor can help you go off of the medicine when you are ready.

Thank you again for everyone involved in this documentary and project!  You are changing the world to make it more peaceful and loving!





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