Fed up mom trying to make a change.

I have been dealing with bullying since grade school.  I was not bullied so much myself, but because I came from "the wrong side of town" many of the people from my neighborhood were.  I was always one of those who could not stand to watch anyone be picked on, put down, teased, harassed, or hurt.

As a child, I made it a point to stand up for those who either couldn't or wouldn't stand up for themselves.

As an adult, my oldest son (who is now 19) started being bullied when he was extremely young.  He has always been picked on for liking "girl things" by kids, teachers, family members, etc.  He has been physically, verbally, and emotionally bullied for nearly his entire life.  At the age of 16 he decided that he no longer wanted to pretend to be heterosexual, he decided that if these people were going to constantly put him down and treat him badly even though he tried to deny being gay, then he at least needed to be happy and find friends who accepted him for who he is.  The bullying never stopped, as I said he is now 19 and still bullied, but he has a group of friends that stand together and accept one another after many years of torture.

I have created an anti bullying page and group on facebook.  The page is to share inspirational pictures, quotes, facts, and also to spread the word about other bullying sites, such as The Bully Project, SFTS, and others that I feel will contribute a positive message and hope to those who feel hopeless.  The group is to share all of that plus it allows others of all ages to post their thoughts, concerns, inspirational stories, hopes, and fears with others.  This allows them to interact with and support one another.  

I have always been anti bully, but now I try very hard to open other people's eyes to the topic, to bring hope to those who need it, and to make a difference for us all.


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Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.