Fashion as a platform for Anti-bulling

My name is Calvin Rafah. I am a native of San Diego and relocated to the Bay Area in 2009. I have always had an interest in pursing a career in fashion and business. I set two goals - gaining an educational degree in business and learning the art of fashion photography. I decided to combine my two interests and start a company  but I wanted a company  that possessed personal integrity and substance- a personal meaningful stance. . I decided to develop a clothing line with a strong message directed to prevent bullying in the future. AmourPropre is a platform for Anti-bulling and the brand will carry that message through its clothing. AMOUR PROPRE  Future projects look to partner with prominent organizations in the community including Health Care Family Practice, childcare programs, pre-K and elementary schools, as well as privately hosted events. These efforts are aimed at building awareness for ANIT-Bulling . As I arrange meetings  I 'm presented with the same question: "Why do you think you were bullied as a child, Calvin Rafah?" My answer: I was the quintessential "dork." I wore reading glasses, rocked a perfectly bowl hair do and was a little overweight. I was not athletically gifted and very awkward with girls. I was painfully unaware that these things were important to others until I became the target of daily bullying. I only saw the normal kid who liked playing video games, watching cartoons and eating pizza. I think we should focus on teaching the younger generation of today the importance of valuing the internal being and not placing so much importance on the exterior.
Heres the Link to my Social Network  so please contact me,  it  would  be my pleasure and an honor  to help out  anyway i can . Thank You

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