Faithful Friend.

My daughter is a faithful friend. She is the kind of child that will be there for you through anything. However she is also on the autistic spectrum.
Just a few days ago her "friends" asked her to come over and play. She went to one friends house and no one was there. She called them and they told her they had moved to another friends house to come on over. So she headed over in the rain to the next house. No one was there. So she proceeded to call them once again. Again they told her they were somewhere else. She went to go find them there. Finally i received a phone call to come get her. I found her in the middle of the road, rocking and crying because they had sent her on a wild friend chase. She had to take a hot shower to warm up.  This is not the first time she has been bullied. She has been thrown over a fence injuring her side and foot because she wouldn't leave her " friends" house when they asked her to. She is incapable of comprehending facial expressions, and body language , and it is very hard to get her to understand sarcasm because of her disability. These girls know exactly what they have done. They are not true friends. To take advantage of anyone is one of the lowest things i think a person can do. To do it to a person who is special needs is even lower. She is a faithful friend and would be there for someone through thick and thin. She is smart and beautiful, and deserves better than a bully for a friend. The bullying stops now.

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