Everybody is Unique as every stars in the sky ♥

I'm 15 years old, and I'm peruvian, I've had a lot of psychologists from seven years old to one year ago, My Story start when I was 6 years old, My mom and I had a problem with my father, He was in love of my cousin, then they've had a baby, My sister. 
In Those Years I've had a bunch of Problems with mi Father, with my family and the worst thing , See to my mom crying everyday at night. It was hurt , so hurt, My way of be changed totally  , because from this I've started to make damage myself or kill myself 4 times, I remember yet, I was a big girl, in the school was another problem. Was TERRIBLE, the children don't think in you, just say bad words and insults, like HEY big cow ! or hey PIG! , they throwed me papers or garbage ,and If you add to all this the weight problem , Yes I've been bulimic, when I  fall sick, too sick, But in that time doesn't matters with me, and I've forgotten.
I used to going to parties with my best friends, when they lied me , and they made me a really bad thing , and all complicated again.
In that moment I went to the nearest beach of my home, I thought it kill me myself in the sea's water. when I Hear something and I looked up and I Watched a lot of amazing stars so shiny! and thought again and looked down and I can see my face in the sea , and I said, why are going to do this? for who? so I said myself I can be more shiny than the star. them and me are the same wonder of the life !

Now I know What I'm , and I'm Trying to make a new Project with the facebook's profiles with photos that has messages of stop Bullying or Help , I hope that all this project will be good for people who need help a little help.
In two days I'll show you my photo like a example.
Thanks ♥

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