Enough is Enough!!!!

As a customer & T-Mobile stock holder I would like to see this carrier, along with all the other ones, to have a zero tolerance on bullying & harassment when people sue the cell phone service. My roommate just lost his brother to suicide on Friday.

A few days ago this girl got I believe text messages of bullying. As a result she killed herself. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

I would like to see T-Mobile have a zero tolerance by doing something different. If this or any other cell phone carrier gets a complaint then T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc. should be notifying the harasser that they are being investigated. And if this is found to be true then service for their phone is to be terminated immediately. In addition T-Mobile would notify the other cell phone carriers. Second, the cell phone carrier would notify authorities. It is already against the law to use any communication device not intended for normal communication. In other words bullying & harassment while using this service would definitely fall under that.

Of course it may take legislation.

It should be a felony for any bully that causes death to another person due to suicide. And a misdemeanor criminal charge for harassment.

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