Enough is Enough.....

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. Two of my children know firsthand what it is to be bullied. It tears my heart that they too have to endure this like I did. In the first grade my daughter was called ugly names by two girls who claimed to be her friends. Second grade comes around and it doesn’t get any easier for her. She got tormented because of her weight and because she was smart. She was always the last to get picked in PE. She would always come home crying asking me why didn’t anyone like her and why where people so mean. She doesn’t see herself as a beautiful smart person. All she sees is the negative things the kids tell here at school. Well now she is in the 3rd grade and things have gotten a little better for her. She now sticks up for herself and others in her class or anyone else she sees getting bullied. She even tries to help out her brother. Yet I still can’t get her self-esteem up to where it needs to be.
As for my son it started in the end of 3rd grade were his torment began. He was constantly being told that he was stupid and ugly. He pretty much just tried to ignore it and not let it bother him. In the 4th grade is where everything changed for him for the worse. He was called a fag, a bitch, stupid ass hole, and was constantly being pushed around. They made fun of his arms and legs saying that he looked like sash quash because he was hairy. He got hit in his private part and had rocks thrown at him. Now I had 2 kids coming home crying and not wanting to go back to school. I was constantly going to talk to the teachers and principle only to get thrown to the side.  It was the last week of school of his 4th grade year and when I went to go pick up my children I noticed my son crying. I already knew what it was about but I didn’t expect to hear what I heard. I asked my son what was wrong and he just shook his head no and told me “Mom I can’t take it anymore I’m tired of it all I just want to end my life”, my heart fell to the ground and I slammed on my breaks. I turned to look at him and was speechless. My daughter and I just held him and cried with him. I tried my best to console him but what do you say to take all the pain away. Once again I was in the principal’s office and got no results.  My son is now in the 5th grade and still is having issues with bulling. He goes to bed every night crying and wakes up crying because he doesn’t want to go to school. It can be 100 degrees outside and he will still refuse to wear a short sleeve shirt or shorts because he doesn’t want to get made fun of.
I can truly understand what my kids are going through. It was not easy for me since I was the short chunky kid with glasses in class. When will bulling stop? What has to happen? Why are we allowing bulling to continue? How many more kids do we have to lose for some major action to take place? When will the school take bulling serious? So many questions run through my mind, but I will not stay quiet. Something has got to give. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH........

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