Elementary school bullying

Hi, my name is Katarina and I probably don't know english as well as the rest of you because I'm from Croatia but I will try my best :)


So my bullying story started in 5th grade of elementary school and I was bullied because I got a haircut and I had short hair. They were yelling at me that I look like a boy and stuff. Then finally when my hair grow, in 8th grade or something like that, unfortunately I put on a little weight because I was depressed with all the bullying and food was my only friend, I ate when I wasn't hungry and I got fat. Then they started bullying me about my weight and were telling me that I will never find a boyfriend or that I will lose all of my friends just because I got on a little weight. I didn't really know how to deal with it and my grades got worse because I didn't like going to school at all. To me it was the worst place ever and I just wanted it to end. Now I attend School of Economics and I just finished my 1st grade. Luckily there are not as many bullies in high school as in elementary school. I hope that all teenagers won't be bullied anymore because bullies should put themselves at victim's position and see that it's not easy to hear all those ugly thing about yourself!

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