Don't call people faggots!

Today, I witnessed a tremendous social injustice. There were kids at my school who were pushing each other into a wall and calling each other [censored]. While they did not target me personally, I was offended to the point of crying and trembling. I was too afraid to just say something, so I told my math teacher what happened. She sent the kids to the principal's office and thanked me for letting her know. Meanwhile, I did what I always do when I witness an injustice: I write about it. I then proceeded to write an essay on how some people who are LGBTQ have made huge differences in the universe and space-time continuum, such as comic Ellen DeGeneres and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, among others. And that's not even counting all of the LGBTQ everyday heroes we encounter in our lives--teachers, doctors, writers, and activists--who touch the world in inspirational, meaningful ways and make us think twice with their unique perspectives.

And that's why people shouldn't call each other [censored].


*after I posted this, I regretted my choice of language and apologize for using profane terms in this essay. I am 13 years old and I didn't know just how offensive this language could be. I will make a new post and not use profane and offensive language. I will be more sensitive with my choice of language after this.*

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